"Words fail to convey the total value of yoga. It has to be experienced."
B.K.S. Iyengar
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I started doing yoga one year ago and love it. Patty was great for a beginner like me and now I feel like a pro. It is the only way to feel relaxed yet energized in one workout!
Shari S.

I would highly recommend Patty for any beginner wishing to try yoga. She gives excellent instructions that are easy to follow and will explain any questions about any of the yoga poses. In the past I had tried a beginners yoga class that actually was way too advanced. The instructor did not take into consideration the different levels of expertise, and I ultimately stopped going because I couldn't keep up. Patty makes sure everyone is comfortable at their own level and will add on additional poses as you are ready for them.
Diane B.

Since taking Patty Tavis's Yoga class I have eliminated shoulder pain,which I had been suffering from, learned to breathe correctly and manage my daily stress through techniques Patty teaches.
Tara C.

I started doing yoga with Patty over a year ago. Patty's patience combined with her extensive knowledge of yoga makes her a fabulous teacher. Each pose has benefits to your mind and body and Patty explains as you go. Patty's classes have helped me learn how to destress with gentle yoga. When you want to really work it, Patty can crank it up too! She is very in tuned with her students needs and levels of ability. Her classes are adaptable and always beneficial. I would highly recommend Yoga with Patty!
Cricket D.

I practice yoga with Patty one day a week and I think she is a wonderful teacher. She teaches yoga as part of a lifestyle and also tries to share little tips on how to incorporate into daily life. Patty knows that life is a balance and yoga can definitely help a person to balance their life as well as their body and mind.